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Get the good
night’s sleep you 
both need.


Embarking on the adventure of parenthood, whether for the first or nth time, is always exhilarating. Whether through pregnancy, adoption, or surrogacy, your new baby is a joy to behold! Amidst the excitement, there may be moments of fear and uncertainty. Questions like, "How do I care for a baby?" "Am I doing this right?" or "How do I juggle a toddler and a newborn?" might arise.


I'm Taylor, the founder of Mama Bear & Newborn Care, and I'm here to help. Whether you need support during those 3 am wake-ups, help managing daytime activities, or just a friendly voice to troubleshoot with, I'm your ally for peace of mind. Let's navigate this new chapter together!

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Our Services

We offer many services, including unlimited support!

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Sleep Pattern Evaluatoins

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Preparing & Organizing

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Custom Plan & Schedule

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Home Visits & Night Support

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24/7 Online Support

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Breast Feeding & Pump Support

How it Works

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Contact Us

Contact us through our form or email us to set up an initial welcome call. We will go over what services you’re looking for, get to know your family and then start matching you with our caregivers.

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We will match you with a caregiver based on expereince, needs and availiblity. You will be sent their profile to review and we will get interviews set up virtually through Google Meets

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Once you’ve selected the caregiver you want to move forward with, you’ll be sent a contract and choose a start date and begin getting the sleep and care you are needing.

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The Family Seal of Approval

First off, I can’t recommend Taylor enough. She was a true blessing to our family in a time of need. Being new parents, our son was born with allergies to dairy and soy. Taylor was the MOST helpful and provided not only amazing care of our son but support for myself and my husband. Being a nurse, Taylor’s advice was so helpful whether it came to feeding, newborn care, or postpartum. Both my husband and I could trust Taylor at all times and she always went above and beyond to care for our son. She is loving, trustworthy and knowledgeable. In the future we hope to work with her again in growing our family as she was a true blessing!


Taylor is simply the best! Knowledgeable, nurturing and willing to help out with anything to make life with a newborn a little less overwhelming! She is a huge support not only for new baby but for momma as well. Taylor was always on time and ready for the night - consistently bringing with her a comforting calm that all families need in those first few weeks home with a newborn. I wish I knew more pregnant mommas in Charlotte - I would personally recommend her in a heartbeat.


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