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Sleeping Newborn

Get the good night's
sleep you both need

Mama Bear & Newborn Care offers Night Nurse Services for Newborns and their Mother's

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Whether it is your first, second, third (or more!) time being a new parent, it is always exhilarating. No matter your journey to your baby - nine months of pregnancy, a long adoption process, or watching your baby grow with a surrogate, you now have this beautiful, brand-new baby to show off! There are so many wonderful emotions – the excitement, the joy, the thrill. But, along with those comes the less positive feelings – the fear, anxiety, and the all-around fright of not knowing. Am I doing it right? Does everything look normal? How am I supposed to keep up with my toddler during the day and my baby at night? How am I supposed to feed my twins?!

My name is Taylor, owner and founder of Mama Bear & Newborn Care and I am here to help. You might be looking for nighttime help and support during those 3 am wakes where baby refuses to sleep. Or maybe, you need help managing daytimes so you can catch some sleep while knowing your baby and toddler are safe, loved, and looked after. Maybe you just need someone to chat to on the phone to help you troubleshoot that fussy baby. I am here to give you that peace of mind that you can confide in. I am someone to help you learn your new baby, what they are trying to tell you, and navigate this new time. 

Customizing the support you need

We offer many services, including unlimited support!

To discuss our packages and pricing in detail, head over to our contact form under the "Contact Us" tab.

Sleep Patterns


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Custom Sleep

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Preparing and Organizing 

Home Visits & Night Support

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Breastfeeding & Pumping


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