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Birth Services

As your dedicated doula, we provide comprehensive support before, during, and after the birth of your baby, focusing on non-medical physical, emotional, and informational assistance. With our guidance, encouragement, and advice, we're available 24/7, ensuring you feel supported and empowered from the moment you hire us until your baby is born.

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During Labor:

  • Early Labor Support: Available via phone and text during early labor to address any concerns or questions.

  • Active Labor Support: By your side throughout active labor, offering continuous support for you and your partner. Our presence complements your partner's role, empowering them to be actively involved as they wish.

  • Medical Procedures and Decisions: While we don't perform medical procedures or offer medical advice, we respect your choices and preferences, ensuring you're fully informed to make decisions.

  • Creating a Calm Environment: Our focus is on creating a calm and peaceful environment during labor to enhance your birthing experience.

Prenatal Visits:

  • Two prenatal visits around 35 and 37 weeks gestation to discuss and finalize your birth plan, ensuring it reflects your desires and preferences.

  • Explanation of birth plan options and available choices to facilitate informed decision-making.

  • Preparation for labor through discussions on positioning, counter pressure, and labor techniques.

During Labor:

  • Keep us informed of any changes or questions about early labor signs.

  • Reach out when you believe labor has begun, even if immediate assistance isn't needed. This allows flexibility in our schedule to provide timely support.

  • We aim to be with you within an hour and a half of your request, with the goal of arriving within an hour, offering continuous support throughout labor and birth.

After Birth:

  • Remain with you for two hours post-birth, assisting with recovery, facilitating infant bonding, and supporting breastfeeding initiation if desired.

Fee: $1,800

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to make informed choices throughout the birthing process, ensuring a supportive and positive birthing experience for you and your family.

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