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What People Say


First off, I can’t recommend Taylor enough. She was a true blessing to our family in a time of need. Being new parents, our son was born with allergies to dairy and soy. Taylor was the MOST helpful and provided not only amazing care of our son but support for myself and my husband. Being a nurse, Taylor’s advice was so helpful whether it came to feeding, newborn care, or postpartum. Both my husband and I could trust Taylor at all times and she always went above and beyond to care for our son. She is loving, trustworthy and knowledgeable. In the future we hope to work with her again in growing our family as she was a true blessing!


I cannot say enough about Taylor and her company. We had the best experience working with her and our night doula, Rachel. She helped us transition so well from one child to two children. She helped around the house, has our newborn sleeping well and most importantly helped us get the rest we needed to be the best parents. Communication was easy and this was money WELL spent


Taylor is simply the best! Knowledgeable, nurturing and willing to help out with anything to make life with a newborn a little less overwhelming! She is a huge support not only for new baby but for momma as well. Taylor was always on time and ready for the night - consistently bringing with her a comforting calm that all families need in those first few weeks home with a newborn. I wish I knew more pregnant mommas in Charlotte - I would personally recommend her in a heartbeat.


Taylor & the staff of Mama Bear are amazing and I highly recommend their newborn care & night nurse/sleep services. Taylor helped me so much during my postpartum journey with my first baby. She gave me incredible personal support, but also taught me how to encourage great sleep habits and so many little tips & tricks for caring for my son. By the time Taylor left us, my son was able to be put down awake and fall asleep independently. She gave me time to do what I needed to fill my cup and be a better mom. She found our favorite pacifier, she helped with sleep sacks, she washed my pump parts & bottles (and all dishes), she played with my son based on his developmental stage, she soothed him, she walked him… I could go on and on. I don’t know what I would have done without her. My husband and I will be forever grateful and she will always be a part of our lives. Thank you so much for the service you provide to new parents in this fragile and important time!


I can’t say enough great things about Taylor! Taylor was our night nurse for our twin boys from the day we got home from the hospital until about 4 months of age. I truly felt my boys were always in safe hands - we couldn’t have picked a better night nurse. She is such a kind and caring person and her advice based on her medical background and personal experience were always valued.  As a new mom, I also found her to be a great support system to me during the post-partum period. We loved having Taylor as our night nurse!


I heard from friends how wonderful having a night nurse was, but Mama Bear and Newborn Care definitely exceeded all expectations. Rachel was so phenomenal - not only taking care of our baby, but cleaning the kitchen, family room, all pump parts and bottles and giving tons of advice on breastfeeding, etc. She was able to troubleshoot any issue we ran into. She would also just chat with me, so I felt like I wasn't the only person in the world awake at 3am. She was just a wonderful support person, I just wish I could've done this with all of my kids. Just knowing in those evening hours that someone would be here to help at night was such a mental relief. It 100% made me a better mom to my other kids and wife - a happier person in general. The entire process with Mama Bear & Newborn care and communication was top notch. Highly, highly recommend.

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