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Providing Everything You Need

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The Support You Need

Navigating the delicate balance of rest with a newborn can be challenging for parents. Whether you're seeking additional daytime rest or aiming for a full night's sleep, our company is here to support you. Our night nurses, equipped with extensive experience, are dedicated to helping and educating you through the newborn phase. Whether it's offering guidance on breastfeeding, explaining baby cues, or addressing reflux issues, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive services ensure that you receive personalized support to navigate the intricacies of parenting during this crucial time. Let us help you achieve the restful nights and rejuvenating daytime moments you deserve, all while providing the expert guidance you need.

Sleep Schedule and Patterns

Discover the perfect balance of rest with our expert support during the newborn phase. Striking the ideal equilibrium between daytime rest and achieving a peaceful night's sleep can be challenging, especially with a newborn. Fear not, as we stand ready to assist you in your quest for optimal sleep. Our select caregivers bring a wealth of experience in sleep training and sleep education, ensuring that you receive top-notch guidance tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're seeking those precious moments of daytime respite or aiming for a peaceful, uninterrupted night of sleep, our dedicated services are designed to enhance your well-being and bring tranquility to your parenting journey. Your journey to better sleep starts here.

Feeding Support

Exploring baby feeding choices can be challenging. Whether you're considering breastfeeding, exclusive pumping, bottle feeding, or a combination, we're here to help. Our team, experienced in various feeding methods, provides personalized support tailored to your preferences. Trust us to guide you through this important aspect of parenting, ensuring a positive and fulfilling feeding experience for you and your baby.

Baby Preparation

Prepare for your baby's arrival with ease! From setting up a bare nursery to selecting essentials (and advising on what you may not need), we've got you covered. Let's do a walk-through together! We will help set up your nursery and share our favorite baby items. With our support, you'll be ready for your little one's arrival in no time. Parenthood is just around the corner—let's make it exciting and stress-free!


Feeling uncertain about certain aspects of baby care? Let us boost your confidence and guide you through the essentials. Our evening support includes assistance with bath time, bedtime routines, and much more. Together, we'll ensure you feel fully prepared and confident in managing your baby's needs.


Placenta Encapsulation

Mama Bear & Newborn Care (MBNC), we offer placenta encapsulation as an optional add-on service to support postpartum recovery and well-being. Placenta encapsulation involves the process of dehydrating and encapsulating the placenta into supplement form for consumption. Advocates of placenta encapsulation believe it may help promote hormonal balance, increase energy levels, and aid in postpartum recovery. Our certified specialists handle the encapsulation process with care and precision, ensuring the highest standards of safety and hygiene. With placenta encapsulation, MBNC aims to provide holistic support to mothers during the postpartum period, helping them feel empowered, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace the joys of motherhood.

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