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Providing Everything You Need

Newborn's Care

The Support You Need

Finding the right balance of rest can be hard when you have a newborn. Whether you need that extra rest during the day or you would like to get as close to a full nights sleep as possible we are here to help you.

Sleep Schedule and Patterns

Did you know babies have wake windows? They try to tell you when they're sleepy and when it's time for them to nap. Let us help you find the best time to put your baby down to sleep.

Breast Milk Pump

Feeding Support

Sometimes finding the best way to feed your baby can be challenging. Whether you prepare to breastfeed, exclusively pump, bottle feed, or a combination of all, we are here to help. 

Baby Preparation

You're baby will be here before you know it! Are you prepared? Do you have everything you need? Let's do a walk through! I will help you set up your nursery and tell you my favorite baby items.

Baby's Room
Baby Bath


Are there things you don't feel quite comfortable with yet? Let us help you build the confidence you need to manage and care for baby. We can provide evening support with bath time, bed time routine, and so much more!

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